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Arkansas Legislation Update

Just twenty-five days into the 89th General Assembly's legislative session and there have been 265 House Bills and 256 Senate Bills introduced.  As of February 7, 65 Acts have been passed, most of which are appropriation Acts.  On a more substantive level, SB 12 ( Act 39 ) and SB 56 ( Act 42 ), related to sex offender registration and restrictions have become law.  Based on the legislation introduced thus far, I would expect the Governor to soon address whether to sign new gun carry and abortion restriction legislation in the couple of weeks.   Several bills have already piqued my interest at this early stage of the legislative session and for various reasons.  These potential laws-to-be are arranged by subject matter, with full-text hyperlinks, below.  In no way is this an exhaustive list, but I believe it hits the highlights of the last four weeks.  Of course, if you are particularly affected, or offended, by these new bills, or see value or an absurdity that you would like to