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Starting a Small Business in Fayetteville, Arkansas

The City of Fayetteville, Arkansas is very small business friendly, even being named as one of the best cities to state a small business by CNN .  To assist aspiring business owners, Fayetteville's city government has published a guide for navigating through zoning and building codes , state and local taxes, insurance, and other matters.  If you are looking to launch a business in another Arkansas city that has not published such a guide, Fayetteville's will still provide general information that is useful.  Additional information on starting a business in Arkansas can be found on the Arkansas Small Business Administration and Department of Finance and Administration's websites. These small business related resources are published by Arkansas state and local government.  As such, they are sources of general information, and not a substitute for specifically tailored legal advice.  Entrepreneurs will need professional assistance from an accountant, who will prepa

Arkansas Mineral Interpleader Lawsuits Explained

Have you ever been named as a defendant in a mineral royalty interpleader lawsuit?  Ever heard of such a thing?  In Arkansas, and especially in those counties in the Fayetteville Shale, oil, gas, and mineral royalty interpleader lawsuits are actually quite common.  Interpleaders are usually initiated by an operator when there is a title ownership dispute over the minerals.  In such a case, the well operator, who owes royalties to the rightful mineral owners, may initiate the interpleader lawsuit and name all possible claimants of the oil, gas, and minerals as defendants and request that the court determine the ownership.  The well operator will usually deposit the royalties and other disputed funds that are owed in an account that is held and managed by the circuit court clerk until the court determines the winner and orders a distribution. Title disputes can arise in a variety of situations, but usually are caused by ambiguities in drafting title instruments.  Interpleaders are effe

Thomas Daily to Speak at 2015 Fundamentals of Oil, Gas, and Mineral Law Conference in Houston, Texas

Thomas Daily  has practiced oil and gas law in Arkansas for nearly 45 years, all with the law firm of  Daily & Woods, PLLC.   Mr. Daily is a frequent speaker at continuing legal education seminars in Arkansas and other parts of the country on the subject of oil, gas, and mineral law, and in a few weeks, Mr. Daily is going to speak at the  2015 Fundamentals of Oil, Gas, and Mineral Law Conference in Houston, Texas on March 26, 2015  along with several other esteemed professors of oil and gas law, including Professors Owen Anderson, John Lowe, and Bruce Kramer. The theme for much of the conference is an analysis of the oil and gas lease, and the afternoon session will included Mr. Daily's topic on surface use clauses, and riders, retained acreage and proportionate reduction clauses, and savings clauses.  C. Michael Daily  is an oil, gas, mineral law, probate and business law attorney with the long-established law firm of  Dail y & Woods, P.L.L.C . and is licensed to p