Welcome to The Daily Law Blog. My name is C. Michael Daily, and I am a member of Daily & Woods, P.L.L.C.  Daily & Woods is a general practice law firm and members of our firm are licensed to practice and can represent clients in  Arkansas, Oklahoma, Wyoming, and North Dakota.  Please visit the firm's website to meet our attorneys and learn more about our firm.  

Property law is the focus of my legal practice.  I represent clients in a transactional role by preparing contracts, deeds, and leases for their business or personal needs.  I also represent my clients in trial and appellate courts on issues related to eminent domain, boundary line disputes, quiet title cases, as well as other general litigation matters.  I advise oil, gas, coal and other mineral exploration companies at all stages of development by examining title, rendering drilling and division order title opinions, representing clients before the Arkansas Oil & Gas Commission, and litigating mineral ownership cases in court.  I also assist my clients by negotiating oil and gas leases, drafting mineral deeds, and litigating title defects.    

Although property law is a specialty practice, several if not all other practice areas require a working knowledge of property law.  This is more of a blessing than a curse, however, as my experience I have gained naturally allowed me to extend my practice to other legal practice areas, including business and corporate law, domestic relations, and probate and estate planning.  

The purpose of this blog is to keep readers educated on the important issues they will face as property owners.  As the law is constantly changing, I hope to update the blog regularly. Please note that this blog is for informational purposes only.  The blog does not constitute and is not a substitute for legal advice, nor does it establish the attorney-client relationship.  If you would to like to receive legal advice from me or one of our experienced attorneys, feel free to email me at mdaily@dailywoods.com,visit me at the office, or call me at the firm: (479-782-0361).

Thank you for visiting.  

C. Michael Daily

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C. Michael Daily is an attorney with the long-established law firm of Daily & Woods, P.L.L.C.  Mr. Daily can be contacted by telephone at 479-242-3953, by email at mdaily@dailywoods.com, or by regular post at 58 South 6th Street, Fort Smith, Arkansas 72902.  You can follow Mr. Daily via social network using any of the social network links in the right hand column of the page.  Disclaimer:  This blog is for informational purposesis certainly not to be considered legal advice and is absolutely not substitute for any of the benefits that are associated with the attorney-client relationship. 

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