Compressed Natural Gas as a Viable Option. It's Coming.

In early March of this year, General Electric and Chesapeake, through its affiliate Peake Fuel Solutions, partnered to develop the necessary infrastructure for delivering Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) to the end user.  Yesterday, the companies debuted their "CNG in a Box" system, which allows convenience store retailers that are situated near major pipelines to directly plug in and expand their fuel offerings to consumers.

The announcement certainly improves the outlook for CNG as a viable transportation fuel option for consumers.  Not only is natural gas a cleaner and more affordable fuel source, but it is in abundant domestic supply. Honda is presently offering consumers an incentive to purchase its new Natural Gas Civic by including a $3000.00 natural gas prepaid card with the vehicle.

Although Honda's promotion may get the attention of some green minded drivers, the initial impact will be made by some of the country's largest fuel consumers--government and commercial freight fleets.  At least 22 state governments and UPS have already committed to investments in CNG run vehicles.  

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