OG&E Offers Free Home Weatherization Program

This morning, a contractor hired by OG&E visited my humble abode to perform an energy efficiency audit. The audit is part of a weatherization program sponsored by OG&E, and was offered at no cost.  That's right--free!

The contractor tested my home for air leaks, checked my attic for sufficient insulation, tested my furnace and A/C unit, etc.  To detect air leaks, he created a vacuum in the house using a fan and some kind of monitor that he attached to the front door.  For a minute, I thought I was in E.T.  No aliens were detected, however, he did find some duct and baseboard air leaks.  They offered to caulk around the baseboards at no charge.

If you own your house and OG&E is your electric company, you may qualify for the same service.  This link has more information, as well as the contact information.

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